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Known as one of the top school districts in the country, Dripping Springs ISD is a great place for kids to be all year, not just during school. Summer camps are abundant and varied in the Dripping Springs Independent School District, offering educational and enrichment activities that are in turn challenging and entertaining. With so much to learn, see, and do, there’s no time to be bored when you’re a student in Dripping Springs ISD!

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  • For the little ones, there’s kindergarten preparation. The Dripping Springs ISD Kinder Kamp is designed to give kids a sneak peek into kindergarten, helping them to overcome anxiety and get used to the rules and routine of school. Featuring art, outside play time, games, and ample opportunities to get acquainted with other kindergartners, this program is not just instructional, but also incorporates plenty of fun.
  • There’s no better way to beat the Texas heat than in a swimming pool. The Founders Park Pool opens Memorial Day weekend, offering not only summer camp and swim teams, but also daily admission at affordable rates. Admission is free for kids 3 and younger and ranges to $3.50 for adults.
  • Artistic kids will find many opportunities to be creative in the Dripping Springs ISD summer programs. With options that range from doodling, to clay, to pretend play, to arts and crafts, to dance camps, to circus camps, there’s plenty to spark imaginations and encourage the creativity of young minds.
  • If your child is interested in sports, there are plenty from which to choose. The usual suspects are there, with camps for basketball, soccer, football, tennis, cheerleading, and baseball. There’s also plenty you might not expect, such as, golf, volleyball, wrestling, polo, and pole vaulting. These are just a few examples of camps that can be as specific as strength and agility training, and as general as PE games. Starting at kindergarten, there are programs for every age and ability, running the gamut from athletically gifted to special needs kids.
  • The Dripping Springs Independent School District takes pride in challenging young minds. This is not just evident during the school year, but in the summer programs as well. Students have plenty to choose to keep their wheels turning in the summertime, such as:
    • Camps like Speech Language and Literacy Camp, Reading Workshops, Book Clubs, Writing Clubs, and Reading Success will help kids polish their communication skills and literacy.
    • Lego Camp and Robotics camps teach engineering and critical-thinking skills, as well as technology, math, science, social studies, storytelling, and more!
    • Kids can go high-tech with offerings that teach them how to use computers, global positioning systems, and even iPads.
    • Math skills can atrophy over the summer months, so why not polish them with camps like Math Fundamentals, or Math on iPads and Laptops?
    • From language camps, to safari camps, to Weird and Wacky Science, there’s more to do at Dripping Springs ISD summer camps than we have room to list here!

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